15 comments on “zdenotim album (when picture editing made picture interesting, part 2)

  1. I often using a balanced as auto WB and tones change is complete :coffee:

  2. This everything is on original picture too, but hidden in tones of white. I was also amazed when i seen it.

  3. :yikes: Now you must be kidding! How about the blue tone? And the bright area on the snow on right? I am amazed and this is very inspiring experiment

  4. This is Amazing Editing Software(What is it called) Zdenko??:confused: The photos are Excellent :wizard:Happy New Year for 2012 Zdenko. 😀 :drunk: :hat: :cheers: :wait:

  5. Originally posted by brunozbruna:

    Now I saw this photo on my PC I have to use this smiley

    thank you very much Michal :happy:

  6. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    first picture is just amazing !

    Thank you very much mate. 😉

  7. Originally posted by Kelisha:

    The photos are Excellent Happy New Year for 2012 Zdenko.

    Thank you for wishes Kelisha. I wish as well all the best for 2012.and Software which i use is not so special. It is produced by Nikon Software named ViewNX2

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