15 comments on “zdenotim album (Erika & Zdenko B/W)

  1. Originally posted by brano99:

    fasa fotky

    som sa snazil … prvy krat pred a nie za objektivom. :DOriginally posted by brano99:

    že by som sa mal aj ja už ženiť???

    to je na tebe.. :p

  2. Originally posted by serola:

    Excellent pictures and good editing

    Thanks a lot Sami… from next week i will be fully back at S&T.

  3. @Sami i used PS and Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 filters..Originally posted by wierdf:

    Very nice photo´s and edited very well!

    Thank you Wertty

  4. In some cases I recommend trying manual approach. Try for example the following on 'E&Z 151bw.jpg':1) Adjust brightness and contrast if necessary. Only if image looks flat in tones. Not needed on that 'E&Z 151bw.jpg'.2) Duplicate layer and switch the layer mode to 'soft focus'.3) 'Image>Adjustemnts>Desaturate' for top layer to make it B/W if image is in colors. In this case not necessary.4) 'Image>Adjustemnts>Invert' for top layer to turn it negative.5) 'Filter>Blur>Gaussian blur' and try first with 5 pixel blur. Undo and redo this step to test how blurring the top layer affects on results.6) Merge layers and sharpen if you think it is necessary, and add vignette if you like to have one.EDIT: The gaussian blur really does the magic here. Proper amount and it sharpens the image because the blurred top layer only works as a tone mask but does not mess with sharp edges of bottom layer.EDIT: On the other hand you may wish not to blur the top layer at all on portraits because then the results look delicately softer and makes the skin look smoother :up:

  5. I tried also with only one pixel gaussian blur and that actually worked perfectly :up: It gave wonderful highlight for hair and details but still did not made the less pleasant details on skin too dark 😀 Thank you for sharing the pictures that helped also me to understand the technique I mentioned in much more details :happy: That is one reason why I have decided to concentrate more on editing for now on and therefore also forced to do that on my own albums 😉

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