10 comments on “zdenotim album (toys of my childhood)

  1. These are Great Zdenko,The Capri looks cool with Paint missing as this gives it real Character,Love the Leggo also….Well Done.:D :yikes: 😎 :ko: :wizard:

  2. Yes, i had. I build it with my friends from neighborhood. I grew up in flat not in house, but near to my home was old gardens with apple, plum, cherry and pear trees. So we had lot of fun there and during the year always something to find in those gardens.Now is on this place one supermarket. :awww:

  3. Yeah i used to play with my older Brothers Leggo set with him as we would spend Hours together building Houses Spaceships ect: they were the best years of my life playing with my 2 year older brother Dean, when I was about 9 I remember I helped him build the coolest Treehouse one day as next Door to us was two Blocks of vacant Wild growing Land with huge Bushes & Trees & lots of long grassy patches that had Snakes in it Scary but what a rush it was to run home from Primary school as it was in walking distance & Quickly change & go play in the Treehouse knowing that it would also be an Adventure getting there as we would avoid the real long Snake ridden grass. On the weekend i had a Mulberry picking Dress that i wore just for picking Mulberrys they were Delicious as they are almost the same as a Blackberry only Sweeter and lighter but more Reddish Pink. Zdenko did you also have a Treehouse when you were a Child?;) :ko: :sing: 😉 :angel: :insane:

  4. Nice shots! 🙂 The car pictures are cool 😎 Is that LEGO man the scarface? 😆

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