One comment on “top3 2011/9 (14)

  1. Oh Yeah give me The Prodigy & Depeche Mode any Day as i have Grown up to & loved both these two Artists for many Years now as it Started With Depeche Mode & there 80's smash hit "Tainted Love" & then the very Early Nineties with Prodigys "Outer Space" & "Firestarter" in which their songs take me to another World Entirely…The Prodigy are my Favourite Dance music group of all Time & (2nd would have to be "Moby") as their Rave music was at it's Absolute Peak all through the 90's when i was a Young Raver & still is at Times up Until Nowadays with "Smack my Bitch up"…Bless 'em Zdenko go "The Prodigy" Rule all the Way.:D 😎 :ko: :faint: :sing: :wine: :hat: :drunk: :ko:

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