14 comments on “zdenotim album (man in kitchen)

  1. Love it! :chef: Thanks for reminding me the kitchenware makes great photo objects. :happy:

  2. WOW! Took awhile to understand what is in the picture. This is a great idea and nice colors

  3. Zdenko Great Photo, It actually makes me feel like a Stew as it's close to my Dinner time, Is that a Crock Pot or a Pressure Cooker?:D :faint: ⭐ :wine: :wait: :coffee: :confused:

  4. Originally posted by Kelisha:

    Zdenko is that some sort of a Pressure Cooker or a Crockpot?

    It is just normal saucepan with lid, but they fit together, cause lid is heavy.

  5. i hope so … now i just try, what i saw on others albums 🙄 . It needs also

  6. Originally posted by zdenotim:

    Nils photo's are

    Yes I agree, but sometimes it is not my cup of coffee 🙄 Originally posted by zdenotim:

    i have to train a bit more to reach his level.

    important is to find your own style :cheers:

  7. :doh: Another central composition … :p At first I like the red background 😎

  8. Zdenko is that some sort of a Pressure Cooker or a Crockpot?:D ⭐ :banana: 💡 :confused:

  9. Thanks Zdenko, my Mum had a Crocpot with the same looking Lid when i was growing up an lived at Home, She made the Best Casseroles & Stews out of that thing. Don't our Mothers make the Best Meals Zdenko? Miss Mums Cooking being far away from Home.:eyes: :ko: :yes: :coffee: 😥 :beard:

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